Thursday, December 17, 2015

Good Grudges and Occasional Forgivness

I 100% agree with Simon, the man narrating the article. I believe grudges are healthy and quite common though out society. However grudges can be held, they should not persist because of a forgivable reason. It is unnecessary to hold grudges over silly things such as your sister using your clothes without permission. "I suggest that we take a breath and try to sort the forgivable from the unforgivable". There are some incredible stories about people forgiving others for killing a loved one or any event that has caused the person a great deal pain or grief. Personally, no matter how hard I would try, I could never forgive someone that had cause me that much sadness. I think holding these grudges also teaches the victim of the grudge a lesson. Say you forgave someone immediately after they hurt you in such a devastating way, they might not learn from it and think they can just repeat the same mistake and you will forgive them just as easy as the first time. In conclusion, in my opinion holding a grudge is very healthy and very effective to impose for the right reasons.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Suli Breaks Video

When I watched the Suli Breaks video I felt many different emotions. This video is trying to tell us that everyone is smart but it shows in different ways. Some people are smart and get A's on every test while others are socially smart and can strike up a conversation with anyone. The grades you get in school don't truly and absolutely reflect how smart someone is. Suli is trying to ask for a world that when someone asks how smart you are the answer doesn't include only your grades. 

When I watched this video I absolutely agreed with him. This doesn't mean that I think grades should never be seen again but I believe that we cant base an individual off just their grades. Grades aren't all that matter to determine how smart you are. Suli brought up some points that I have never really thought about which made me consider the hypocrisy of society. No ones fate should be decided by a test score. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

During the time of Hitlers reign, how might it have been especially difficult to have been a parent?

During the time of Hitler's reign it was even more difficult then it already was to be a parent. When the parents would send their kids off to Hitler Youth it was as if they were practically letting them be brainwashed. The parents could not choose how to raise their kid with certain beliefs or habits because Hitler Youth was supposed to do that. It would be even more troublesome if their parent wasnt a Nazi or didnt favor Hitler because it would be hard to support your child when one of the biggest aspects they learned in Hitler Youth was to hail Hitler. The students looked up to Hitler and aspired to be like him not like their parents which is the usual way of thinking.