Thursday, February 25, 2016

Can You Teach People to Have Empathy?

In some ways I agree and disagree with the article 'Can you teach people to have empathy?'. I do believe you can teach someone to have empathy but not true empathy. People can be taught how to make someone feel better and make it seem like they have empathy but in reality its not genuine. The only real way to have pure empathy and really put yourself in another persons shoes is through your own experiences. If someone needs some support and advice and you have had a similar experience happen to you, you know what its like so you can display true empathy. You can also learn empathy through someone else showing you empathy. If you were in a position where you needed sympathy and someone was by your side the whole time it teaches you how to treat someone else. I do not think someone can just talk to you and tell you how to react if you are in a specific situation. Empathy is something you must learn and try different methods out for yourself. Genuine empathy is a wonderful trait and can really help people through rough times, so it is great to have.

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