Thursday, April 28, 2016

Stanford Prison Experiment and Lord of The Flies

When good people are put into an evil and uncivilized place the situation escalates very quickly. When people are put into a position that forces them to make decisions that could have a huge impact they dont usually think about the impact or the consequences of their actions. Situations like the Lord of the Flies and the Stanford Prison Experiment are high pressure situations and sometimes emotions trump reason like evil trumps humanity. A example of this in Lord of the Flies is when Roger and Jacks clan push the boulder down the mountain. Roger was caught up in the moment and didnt think that the rock would have killed Piggy. ¨High over head, Roger , with a sense of delirious abandonment, leaned all this weight on the lever.¨ In the Stanford Prison Experiment the guards would bombard the prisoners with verbal abuse and insults. This slowly provoked more violence in the prisoners. It was too late for the guards to realize what they had done before the inmates started reacting with rage and violence. In the moment the guards dont think about what they are saying or doing and these actions come back to bite them later.  

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Positive and negative aspects of mob mentality and how it applies to Lord of the Flies

Mob mentality is usually portrayed as a negative action but in many ways it can have a very positive impact. A flash mob is a very good example, this installs happiness and can be very uplifting. Also peaceful protests could have a huge impact and really make a change. Protests and rallys, such as the push for gay and lesbian rights, have actually come thought and people have starting changing traditional ways because of these followings. An example of progressive mob mentality in Lord of the Flies is how the boys come together (or in two separate groups) and strive for survival. All the hunters get hyped up and feed off each others adrenaline when they are trying to catch a pig, that the idea of being in a group highlight. If they weren't in a group they might not have food to eat. 

There are plenty positive examples of mob mentality but the negative actions out weigh them. In the real world, gangs who come together can do much more damage then individually. Also events such as presidential rallys can create violence because supporters feel like they are backed by a group. In Lord of the Flies mob mentality invades the minds of the boys on the island. When the hunters are all together they turn more savagery than ever. In the last few chapters the hunters have gone over the top, not just to survive but to prove themselves as individuals and part of the group. Also the hunters played a "game" where Robert acted like a pig and they would encircle and "kill" him. The thing is, this act isn't just a "game", They didn't kill Robert, but they did hurt him and even went to the extent of describing other games they could play. These negative aspects of mob mentality are tearing apart the group.