Wednesday, May 4, 2016

LOTF Figurative Language Post-Darkness
"Soon the dark was full of claws, full of the awful unknown and menace." (Golding, 99)
In this quote Golding is personifying the darkness. He is expressing how scary the darkness is and how no one knows what is really out there. None of the boys on the island are sure what is on the island so its even spooky in daylight. But when night time rolls around and the moon comes out over the mountain the terrifying factor really sets in. In this part of the book, Samneric have just seen the "beast" and they are telling Ralph. Golding uses this quote and personification here because is sets the mood for what is coming.

This image is a picture of the tree from the 'Conjuring' movie. This movie revolves around this tree. Like LOTF, When it is day time the scene still has a sense of fear but at night terror sets in and things go haywire. This is compared to LOTF in which the book encircles around the idea of the beast. Darkness will always be scary in a eerie situation. 

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